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Drinking Water 

All drinking water in room containers at Bali Hai, and all ice used at Bali Hai is purified. In our VIP rooms you can also use the bottled drinking water from the mini-bars. Our restaurant also supplies bottled water. 


We advise you not to drink tap water, and to avoid ice supplied by outside vendors.


Time Zone: GMT + 8  

Philippine time is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) plus 8 hours, the same as Hong Kong. It is 2 hours behind Australian Eastern Time.

The Philippines does not use Daylight Saving Time.


Calling the Philippines 

The Philippine International Dialing Code is 63. To call from overseas this code must be preceded by the International Access Code followed by the local area code (no zero), and the phone number.


Many countries have different International Access codes and this can be confusing. Here are a few examples:

Hong Kong 001

Australia 0011

UK 00

USA 011


For example, to call Bali Hai from Australia, you could dial:

0011 63 72 705 0877


You can greatly simplify things by ignoring the International Access Code and replacing it with a "+" sign (without the inverted commas). You can now dial Bali Hai from any country simply by dialing this:

+63 72 607-3865


To call Bali Hai from anywhere within the Philippines just dial:

072 607-3865



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