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Electric Power Supply 

Most power supply in the Philippines is 220 volts, 60 Hz. Outlets are usually designed for 2-prong plugs, not polarized or grounded. You should be careful what you plug into an electric outlet since some cities, such as Baguio and Angeles, supply both 220 and 110 voltages.


Medical Services 

Bali Hai can arrange for a doctor to visit and treat you in your room if necessary. There are three major hospitals in San Fernando City:


Ilocos Training And Regional Medical Center 

Parian, San Fernando City +63-72-888-2691


Bethany Hospital 

Widdoes St., San Fernando City +63-72-888-2355


Lorma Medical Center 

Carlatan, San Fernando City +63-72-700-0000


Dental Treatment 

The Philippines is a growing health tourism destination, especially for dental treatment. One reason for this growth is the vastly lower cost of dental treatment compared to western countries. Many Filipino dentists are western trained and you can expect competent and friendly service.


There are several dental practices in San Fernando and all offer very competitive rates.

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