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There are many other popular wreck diving areas including Busuanga Island with 12 WWII Japanese wrecks that were sunk in September 1944. 


Palawan also hosts 40% of Philippine coral reefs with incredible drop-offs. And whether you are scuba diving or just snorkeling, the reefs off the islands of El Nido boast a dazzling array of color teeming with rich marine life. Absolutely amazing! 


Closer to Bali Hai in La Union, the Lingayan Gulf just west of San Fernando has eight main reefs and some good drop-offs.   


Surfing is becoming popular here and is best during the north east monsoon that blows from October to February. A popular local destination is San Juan, just north of Bali Hai. 


And after a hard day in the tropical waters you can lay back under the shade of a palm tree, sip on your favorite drink, and watch the setting sun turning the tropical clouds into a golden hue. 


8. Explore Natural Wonders 


The Chocolate Hills of Bohol are another of the Philippines' natural wonders. Of uniform shape and rising from 40 to 120 meters, the 1268 hills look like a giant array of pregnant women. Others claim they are the solidified teardrops of a lovelorn giant. 


Chocolate Hills
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