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2. Save on vacation costs - the Philippines is one of the most inexpensive countries in Asia. 


Whether it is food, clothing, entertainment, or accommodation you will find prices in the Philippines far cheaper than in Western countries. For example, a man's haircut (including tip) in the Philippines costs less than a tenth of what it costs in Australia. 


Similar price differences apply to almost all tourist associated activities, even quality accommodation. And if you come here to live it's even cheaper. Here you can afford to live like a king! 


3. Save on medical costs and enjoy a "medical holiday." 


Yes, the Philippines is now attracting people who not only visit as tourists, but who also seek medical treatment while they are here. Until recently Thailand was the top spot in Asia for medical tourism but now the Philippines is catching up. 


This is especially true of dental treatment, whether it be a dental implant, cosmetic dentistry, cleaning, or just a simple filling. And it is far cheaper than in other Western countries. In fact some medical tourists claim that their savings on dental treatment paid for the entire cost of their holiday. 


4. Travel easily in a country where English is widely spoken and understood. 


The two primary languages spoken in the Philippines are English and Filipino (formerly Pilipino) based on Tagalog. Filipino is the national language but English is generally used in education, government, and commerce. 


This widespread use of English makes it much easier for you as a tourist to get around, which in turn makes for a much more enjoyable vacation. However, even though you do not need to master Filipino, there is nothing to stop you learning a few Filipino phrases. Even a smattering of the local language, with wrong pronunciation and all, will endear you to the hearts of Filipinos. 

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