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"My daughter learnt to swim in the Bali Hai pool. That was over 5 years ago, but when I look at those photographs it seems like only yesterday. We return each year and will be back again in December."

... Filda Acompanado Miller, Port Macquarie, Australia

"There are many reasons for people to be a guest at the Bali Hai Beach Resort. Whether you are a permanent resident or a tourist to come to live here for a shorter or longer period of time you will certainly appreciate the unique situation of the resort just by the sea.

"Bali Hai is furthermore surrounded by a paradise-like spacious garden with all kinds of tropical plants and flowers, with little benches where you can have a drink at your ease and watch your children play.

"There is also a swimming pool which forms part of the immediate surroundings of the hotel. This place may be a bit crowded when the day draws to an end because nobody wants to miss the sunset scenery which has become famous over here.

"Restaurant and bar offer a free view of the ocean as well, and a fresh breeze often adds to the experience of a delicious outdoors dinner.

"Tourists and residents alike are fond of the relaxed atmosphere of the place and the easy way of getting acquainted with other guests from all over the world, for example while playing a game of dice at the bar.

"As a 'regular' who, as a retiree, divides his time between his home country, Switzerland and the Philippines, and whose stays usually stretch over two or three months at a time, I find it important to find also quality life in the vicinity of the hotel or while shopping or going for a stroll in the nearby city of San Fernando and thus keeping in touch with local people. Tricycles and jeepneys are by the way popular and convenient means of transport.

"To sum it up, Bali Hai is a pleasant place to stay at, no matter whether you pursue your own individual interests or whether you like to join in group activities which, however, are never imposed upon you. But you are also free to be an individualist today and a party animal tomorrow!"

... Fritz Bossart, Switzerland

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