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Getting the Jeepney to Stop
You now see your destination coming up. How do you get the driver to stop?

There are several ways - you can rap your knuckles on the roof, tap a coin on one of the overhead metal hand rails, or simply shout "para."

The word "para" comes from a Spanish word meaning STOP.

(I remember the word "para" as short for "parachute" - I want to bail out.}

Jeepney Passenger Capacity
Q. How many passengers can a jeepney hold?
A. Always one more!

That's not much of an exaggeration. When the inside is full, other passengers will often stand on the rear steps and hold on for dear life.

Private Jeepneys go one better - the excess passengers, complete with baggage, pack themselves onto the roof!

All Aboard!

Jeepney Conductors
Very few jeepneys have conductors. It's not surprising - why pay someone for doing something you can easily do yourself?

In any case a conductor takes up a valuable seat that should be kept for paying passengers.

Sometimes the driver will have a family member act as conductor. In this case the family member is usually a wife or a child who will sit in the front beside the driver.
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