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Choosing a Seat
Now you have signalled the jeepney and the driver has stopped, where will you sit?

I always prefer the seat next to the driver. By sitting there you have a more comfortable seat and a much better view.

However, another passenger may also want to sit in the front. In that case you are expected to move up close to the driver and share the seat, even if it is a single seat.

That usually puts you within striking distance of the gear lever - something the driver shoves around endlessly, usually into your leg.

If you have to sit in the back I suggest sitting on the left rather than the right. The reason is simple - when stopping, the driver seldom pulls all the way off the road. It's the right hand wheels that go down into the pot-holes on the road shoulder - bouncy, bouncy.

Should you sit at the back or at the front? Getting to the front means crouching low and climbing over the other passengers' luggage. This luggage could be bags of market produce, buckets of dead (and smelly) fish, or simply kids' school bags.

On the other hand, sitting at the front can give you a slightly more comfortable ride.

Sitting at the back, however, puts you right at the end of the see-saw. The back of the jeepney is by far the bounciest place to sit.

Sitting at the back also puts you over the rear suspension which often is non-existent - no springs, no shock absorbers. You will then feel every rut and pot-hole on the road.

Paying the Fare
OK, now you're on board it's time to pay the fare. But you're sitting down the back so how do you get the money up to the driver?

It's easy - just hold the money out and call "Bayad" (this means PAY). A passenger near you will take your money and pass it to another passenger who in turn will pass it to another until the money finally reaches the driver.

The driver will be holding his right hand palm up and open, waiting for the money. It's then you ahould call out your destination.

The driver will count the change and hand it back. Then the same hand-by-hand process will repeat itself until the change gets back to you. Easy!

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