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From the Land Downunner
And just in case you are from The Land Down Under I have asked Mr. Dundee to say a few words about where you can find some great Australian food here in the Philippines. Thank you Mr. Dundee.

   "No worries Mate! Yer gunna love this tucker - you were talkin' about dinki-di stuff like Baked Necks, right?"
   "Sorry Mr. Dundee, can you explain that? What exactly are Baked Necks?"
   "You know Mate, dinkum Ocker stuff that Aussies have for brekky. Chooks make 'em."
   "Ah yes ... Bacon and Eggs."
   "Bang on Mate. And if yer gotta good ebb-tide ya can 'ave hop eyes or a semmitch. Great tucker and dinki-di Ocker."
   "I think I'm getting the hang of this Mr. Dundee. You mean, if you have a good appetite you can have hot pies or a sandwich."
   "Yeah, and if ya wanna ya can get starkender a boller dinkum Aussie wine."
   "Ah yes - if you want to you can get stuck into a bottle of genuine Australian wine. Where, pray tell me, may I find this cuisine in the Philippines."
   "Cricky Mate - it's all over - tiger look at this. It a menu from Swaggy Pub."
   "Oh yes, I will take a look. A really spendid menu. I understand that the Swaggy as you call it is the famous Swagman Hotel in Ermita, Manila."
   "Yeah, and zarf trawl it's owned by true blue Ockers so the nosh has gotta be good."
   "Yes, after all I would expect it to be good if it was run by Australians. Thank you very much Mr. Dundee. You have been a great help."
   "No worries Mate - anytime. Just lemme know when yeggowan to Swaggy and I'll come wiff ya. See ya!"

So there you have it! The Philippines has it all ... from rich history, night life, tropical islands, white sand beaches, its own delicious cuisine, and even Western fast-food chains.

All this is waiting for you just around the corner. Come and discover it now!

Allan E. Miller, 12 December 2008

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Copyright © 2008 Allan Miller

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