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Departing from Manila's International Airport

An 8-Step Checklist

For passengers departing Manila for the first time the departure procedures can be a bit daunting. However, knowing what to expect can make your departure much less intimidating, so here is an 8-step checklist that explains the procedures you will have to go through.

When you arrive at the departure level at Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport expect to find hordes of people outside the entrance. Not all of these will be departing passengers. In fact the majority will be family members who have come to say goodbye.

Step 1 - Entry Check
Here is where you join the first queue - the airport entrance queue.

Before you can enter the building you must show both your passport and your airline ticket, so have them ready.

Now is a good time to remove metal objects from your pockets or purse and place them in your hand carried luggage that will be x-rayed. These items include watches, pens, cell phones, coins - anything that will trigger the metal detector. Doing this early will save delays later.

Once you have shown your passport and ticket you will have to place all your luggage on the x-ray conveyor belt before walking through the metal detector.

Step 2 - Airline Check-in
If all goes well you can collect your luggage and proceed to your airline check-in counter. Expect huge queues so get there early - in 2009 airport was rated as the 48th busiest in the world!

While waiting in the check-in queue be prepared to have your baggage sniff tested for explosives.

After checking in and getting your boarding pass you now proceed to the departure area - but your queuing is not yet over.

Step 3 - Pay Departure Tax
Before entering the departure area you must show your passport and your boarding pass. Once cleared you now go to the counter where you pay your departure tax. This tax is currently 750 pesos per passenger.

At the counter you must give the counter operator your boarding pass and the money. She will return your boarding pass along with a receipt.

Step 4 - Immigration Clearance
The next step is Immigration Clearance. Here you present your passport and your boarding pass.
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