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Step 5 - Security Check
The next queue is at the security check. Once again make sure you have taken all metal objects out of your pockets or purse. You can either place these in your hand carry bag or in a plastic tray that the security people will provide.

You also have to remove your shoes and place them in the plastic tray along with your laptop computer.

Make sure you adhere to the currency export limits for both Philippine pesos and foreign currencies.

After you have gone through the metal detector you can collect your bags and the tray with your personal effects, then proceed into the departure area.

Congratulations! You have made it.

Step 6 - Select a Lounge
If you are a first or business class passenger just go to the appropriate airline lounge.

If you are an economy class passenger you can either browse the duty free shops and then proceed to the departure gate or go to one of the special lounges that offer equal or even better facilities than business class lounges.

For example, the Sampaguita Lounge is on the fourth floor and offers snacks, TV, Wi-Fi, computer rooms, non-smoking areas, and a nice view of the airport. All this for only 450 pesos.

The staff will announce your flight boarding time well in advance so there will be no last minute panic getting to the gate.

Step 7 - Departure Gate Check
If you think you have stood in the last queue you may be disappointed. Depending on your airline there may be one more security check. This will be as you enter the departure gate area. This check is just a routine and quick check of you and your hand carried bag.

Step 8 - Passport Boarding Check
Again, depending on the airline, you may have to show both your boarding card and your passport as you board the aircraft. If so, be ready and have your passport open at the photo page.

That's it - have a happy flight!

Allan Miller
 Originally published
on Ezine Articles
24 April 2010

Allan E Miller, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

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