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A Trip to Luna, La Union
Take a Trip Back in Time

I first discovered Luna when the manager of Sunset Bay took my family on one of his frequent pebble buying trips. He used the pebbles to decorate the resort's garden. The trip turned out to be one of the best day trips we had ever done.

You will find the town of Luna on the coast of northern La Union only about 40 kilometers north of San Fernando City.

Our drive into Luna was like turning the clock back - a veritable showcase of old Spanish houses from the colonial era, many of which have been preserved as heritage houses.

Formerly called "Namacpacan," the town of Luna was officially established in 1690.

Namacpacan is an Ilocano word which means “one who had given food.” It got this name in honor of the native hospitality toward travelers, especially those who were trying to escape their colonial persecutors.

The Luna Church - Our Lady of Namacpacan
Luna is also home to one of the Philippine's most sacred old Spanish Churches, Our Lady of Namacpacan.
Our Lady of Namacpacan Church
The church is painted a beautiful white with blue touches added to certain supports.

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