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The Pebble Beach
Not far from the church lies the famous Pebble Beach. This beach stretches for miles and is covered with pebbles of all shapes, sizes, and colors. These pebbles have been worn smooth by their constant rolling in the surf.
Pebble Beach
If you stand by the water's edge and listen you will be amazed at the gentle rattling sound the pebbles make as they roll with the outgoing waves.

The locals sort these pebbles according to size and color, then sell them to resort owners and others who use them to decorate gardens. Local children pack the small pebbles into tiny clear bottles to sell to tourists.

The Spanish Watchtower
An ancient Spanish Watchtower stands on the Pebble Beach. Built to keep watch for marauding Japanese, Chinese and Moro Pirates, today it is cracked in half like an egg shell, but still stands firm as a lone Spanish icon of a bygone era.
Old Spanish Watchtower

Getting to Luna
If you are visiting San Fernando or any of the nearby areas you will find a trip to Luna a pleasant experience.
Clam Shell
I suggest you take the highway from San Fernando to Bacnotan, then turn left and follow the Bacnotan-Luna-Balaoan coast road to Luna. This is an interesting drive so keep your eye open for the huge cement factory, massive clam shells set by the roadside, and the occasional millionaire's mansion surrounded by small village shanties.

Allan Miller
17 Dec 2010


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