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Our Lady of Namacpacan
Suddenly the statue became moveable. Jubilant locals carried it in a procession to the Church of Namacpacan. The procession was shortly followed by a huge fiesta in which the statue was enshrined.

On October 18, 1906, the name of the town was changed from Namacpacan to Luna, in honor of the Luna brothers, but the church is still known as Our Lady of Namacpacan Church.

Over the years many miracles have been attributed to Our Lady of Namacpacan. These range from healing the lame to filling the church with a strange light that seemed to emanate from the statue.

On November 24, 1959, by a decree of Pope John XXIII, Our Lady of Namacpacan was canonically crowned.
Stained Glass
Today the church stands as a Spanish icon to the town of Luna. Over the years it has become a popular pilgrimage destination. Pilgrims come not only to pray at the statue of Our Lady of Namacpacan, but also to get water from the miracle well. This water is reputed to have healing properties.

Throughout the day pilgrims queue at the well waiting their turn to use a hand-pump to fill their containers. A sign over the well says, "Bathing is Strictly Prohibited."

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