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Despite many repairs over the years the walls still retain their centuries old bricks and stones. On both sides of the church a step-buttress leads up to the roof.
In 1871, an Augustinian Priest from Ilocos Sur, ordered an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Spain. Storms however, forced the Spanish ship carrying the image to seek shelter off Namacpacan. When the winds abated the ship again set sail for Ilocos Sur but strong winds again forced it back to the port.

After several more attempts, only to be forced back to port, the ship's captain decided that the statue should be carried overland to its destination, so had the statue carried to the local convent.

The next morning, with preparations for its journey to Vigan complete, the local conscripts tried to move the statue, only to find that it would not budge. After many failed attempts to move it the message spread that Our Blessed Lady must have chosen the town of Namacpacan as her resting place.

The Parish Priest of Namacpacan, Fr. Marcelino Ceballos, negotiated with the Augustinian Friars who agreed that the statue should remain in Namacpacan.
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